Lanea Energy saving lamp is a unique product on the Slovenian market. It is an energy-saving bulb which can be changed at any neon lights and save up to 70% energy.

Why choose Lanea energy saving lights? Simply because our quality lights offer you many positive properties.

ENERGY SAVING LIGHT – up to 70% less energy consumptionEnergijsko varčna sijalka_poraba energije

Most conventional fluorescent lights sizes T8 and T12 for their operation use magnetic ballast, which is consuming a lot of energy. Electronic ballast is compared with magnetic ballast much more efficient. Energy saving light with integrated electronic ballast operates without an external ballast and thus saves a lot of energy. So energy saving light is the right alternative to conventional T8 and T12 fluorescent lights.

Technology tube in tube

The energy saving light is composed of two tubes. The outer tube is made of a thin transparent glass, inside is built-in T5 energy saving tube. Between this two tubes is trapped air with a constant temperature, which extends the life of the lamp. Because of that the light exterior is also less heated. This energy saving light is also more suitable for air-conditioned rooms.

Energy saving light contains aluminum reflectorAluminijasti odbojnik

Standard fluorescent light shines in all directions, so there is a part of unused light. Energy saving light has built-in reflector made ​​of high-polished aluminum which focuses light .

Using nano materials

Lifetime of fluorescent tubes is largely dependent on the embedded electrodes. The energy saving light electrodes are coated with nano materials, which significantly extend the life of the light. At the same time, the stream through the light is reduced to a minimum.

Easy replacement the conventional T8 tube with Energy saving light tubeEnostavna zamenjava

Energy saving light is the same size as a conventional T8 tube (600 mm, 1200 mm, 1500 mm).

Return on investment = 1 year

Energy saving light can save up to 70% electricity. Typical 1500 mm long T8 bulb consumes 68 W (58 W lamp and 10 W ballast). Energy saving light has the same brightness consumption of just 36 W.Povrnitev investicije

Flicker-free and quick power on

Normal fluorescent light with a magnetic ballast rates of 50 Hz. Built-in electronic ballast inside the energy saving light operates with a high frequency of 40,000 Hz and is lit without flashing.Hiter vklop

Energy saving light = Reducing CO2 emissions

Lifetime of a conventional fluorescent light is short (<10,000 h). So it will have to be changed in the future. Energy saving light is energy class A and meets the requirements of the EC Directive 245/2009. Reduction of CO2 emissions is guaranteed.Zmanjšanje CO2 emisij

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