Thermography or thermovision is the measurement of a certain temperature field by recording the infrared radiation and visualizing the temperature distribution over the screened surface. This non-contact and nondestructive method is especially effective for revealing the faults in industrial systems while they’re operating, without needing to interrupt the technological process.

The industrial equipments in which the technological processes are imposing higher thermal levels (compared to the environment), have energy losses which are dependent of the topology of the systems and of the quality and conditions of the insulation.

The evaluation of these energy losses, which cut down the systems efficiency, implies the knowledge of the thermal distribution for all the components of the equipments. This can be done with the thermovision system, which visualises the temperature distribution on the surfaces of equipments, by the remote recording of the IR-rays.

The figure below shows us that there is hyperthermia on power lines in electrical cabinets. The reason for this is that large flows are running through them. That leads to a heating power lines. Elevated temperature on power lines can also be the cause that power lines are thinner than they should be. All contacts on which high temperature is detected must be checked so that they are well secured.

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